Saturday, November 17, 2012

Riding in Style...for real this time!

It had to happen sooner or later, so I went ahead and gave it the ol' college try this afternoon.  I needed to get this thing running.  Or at least try to get this thing running.  Yesterday, I bolted the fender in place (it went so much easier this time around!) and had the jeep prepped and ready for hopeful action today.  I did not, however, install the horn or hook up the grill lighting wires...just in case that fender would be coming off again.
I tried the foot starter, and it spun the engine over, but it has yet to actually crank the engine to life... yet.  That has been added to the punch list.  I thought I would give it a go anyhow.  I wasn't too shocked or disappointed that it did not roar to life.  I popped in the Steady Eddie hand crank and began to turn the crank nut.  However, unlike my previous attempts, it would not give me any sign of life.  I double checked the spark plug connections as well as making sure all of the wires were running to their respective spark plugs.  Remember, the firing order is #1-#3-#4-#2 .  Yes, they were in correct order.  Next, I popped off the dizzy cap and checked for a spark at the points.  (turn crank shaft so points are in the closed position, turn on ignition and use insulated screwdriver to manually open the points)  Yep, spark is present- saw it but did not feel it!
Now I'm thinking that the spark is just coming too soon or too late.  I loosened the dizzy clamp and turned the distributor very slightly in a clockwise rotation.  I hand cranked it again, and again and then again...and BAM...she roared to life.  Well, roar might be an exaggeration.  She came to life, but I needed to give her lots of throttle to keep her going, but she sounded good AND SHE HAD OIL PRESSURE!
On initial start-up:  45 pounds of oil pressure!!!  Look at that, the gas gauge with the rebuilt ORIGINAL fuel sender is working, too.  Yes, that sound you hear is the tooting of my "meep, meep" horn.
At this point, I should have gone ahead and adjusted the distributor, but I was OVERLY anxious to get her on the open highway.  By open highway, I mean my half mile residential street that makes a circle.  I had to give her some throttle to keep her going, but she really sounded good.  I didn't think it would be any problem for the drive.  So, off I went in a smoke-screened flash.
She did run rough once I got out on the road, but I had already started so I might as well finish the loop.  I only got into second, so third gear is still undiscovered.  The funniest part was on the backside of the loop, I definitely heard the sound of something metal falling into the road.  I turned my head back, but could not locate the AWOL piece and nor did I have the confidence to stop the jeep out of fear of not getting it home...under its own power.  Upon arrival of the sanctity of my garage, I adjusted the dizzy while it was still running.  I retarded the spark a little bit and got it running very smoothly and without the help of the throttle at all!  Minor victory by me.  I still need to start it again and drive it once, no, scratch it LOTS more to make sure it is fine!
After satisfied with the dizzy adjustment, I recruited my kids and we went for a walk to locate the AWOL piece of jeep.  It was a Christmas Miracle in November- we found it!  Turns out it was my missing 7/16th wrench that has been "lost" for the last week! 
This was filmed by me while driving so it isn't the best quality!   I'll try to post a better video later.
And for the record...the new "old" seat cushions rode great! 
I guess they aren't that authentic feeling then.

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