Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reflectors are Flecting

So, I notice it has only been a month since my last post.  Shame on me.  Truthfully, I am running out of exciting, dirty things to write about...with this jeep.  I have had two hiccups along the "Road to Rebuild" (was that a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie?) in October, though.  I'll delve more into that in a moment.  In the mean time, check out a fun, simple reflector restoration.
The jeep has four reflectors mounted on the rear corners of the tub:  two on the sides and two on the rear.  My reflectors were all grungy and faded, so I disassembled them, cleaned them up and with two of them, I replaced with new red reflectors.  I haven't been able to procure NOS (new, old stock) reflectors, so I settled for (yes, it REALLY pains me to state this) modern reflectors bought cheaply from the Tractor Supply store.  I figure now that I've got the parts cleaned, I can always easily disassemble and reconfigure with NOS reflectors...if we ever cross paths.
Here is what I started with after a little date with the wire wheel.

Backside:  a bit rusty, but definitely serviceable.

Removing the lens:  I used a plastic pipe, cap and press.  The pipe was slightly smaller in diameter so I would press a bit on ones side, and then move the pipe to press in another area.  Working slowly and patiently helps the does a squirt of penetrating oil on the back side.

The lens, the cap and the housing.  The cap just pressed out of the rear of the housing.

Cleaned and primed.

Painted OD.

Assembly.  The lens is centered in the housing with a rubber gasket on it's rear.
 The cap was just pressed back into place.

Three of the four reflectors were done.
 The fourth reflector, an original one, will be swapped out one day with one of the replacements.  It still has a thin layer of something unknown across it.  I need to figure out how to clean it first! 
Passenger side installed!
So that was the easy peasy fun part.  The hiccups occurred when I thought I would take the jeep out for a joy ride.  The first (and only) time I drove it, I had a temporary gas tank strapped to the side of the jeep.  Now, I wanted to fill the actual tank with gas and make sure all of the fuel lines and fuel filters (I have two- an in line and the original firewall mounted filter) worked.  Well, I double check all of the lines and then poured 5 gallons into the tank.  I disconnected the line at the firewall filter and sucked and puffed and discharged enough hot air that something should have happened...but nothing did.  I wrapped the line with a towel and wedged it into my shop vacuum...still nothing.  In the end, it turns out that the intake line deep inside the tank was clogged.  I drained the gas, removed the tank and set about unclogging the clog.
The clog occurred just after the 90 bend in the internal tube.  Coat hangars and copper wires didn't do a darn thing. Compressed air and high pressured water didn't do the trick, either.  I needed something flexible, yet with drill power like a plumbing snake.  Unfortunately, I do not think they make them that tiny.  In the end, I used a broken speedometer cable attached to a power drill.  PROBLEM SOLVED!
I reconnected all of the fuel lines and installed the tank.  I was now able to get fuel to the carburetor!  Great!  I installed a new battery and the jeep screamed to life immediately...just like it is supposed to!  I shoved the camera in Sarah's hands so she could film the ride from the rear seat and backed out of the driveway.  THAT'S WHEN I NOTICED HICCUP #2:  ZERO OIL PRESSURE.
I immediately shat myself and then slammed it into first gear.  1.5 seconds later I shut it down in the safety of the garage.  I disconnected the oil gauge line...and found oil.  I hand cranked the jeep hoping to witness a geyser spew from the open line....nothing.  I shot some compressed air through the line and heard it come out into the oil sump.  I removed the sump tank and recleaned the oil pick-up line.  It looked alright, but I cleaned it anyhow, but I still can't get oil to flow.  I re-primed the pump...still no oil flow.
Currently, I have disassembled a second pump from my parts stash and am cleaning it up.  So far, it checks out to be within tolerable specs.  My plan is to 1. remove the existing pump from the engine and inspect.  Hopefully I will find something out of the ordinary.  If not, #2 will be to install the second pump and give it a go.  #3 could be buying a new pump.  We shall see!  I'll report back when I know something!
...until then, I'll be parked in the garage enjoying some vibrant reflectors!

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  1. even going back and rereading these posts, I still laugh. Not AT you Mr. Bo, of course, but this is good stuff.