Saturday, April 14, 2012

So "F"ing Happy...Painting!

I really haven't much to report at the moment.  There has been A LOT of hurry up and waiting as of lately.  Like the axles, I have made great strides in the rebuilding of the transfer case and then- KABAAM!- I discover that I have overlooked a minor but somewhat critical piece of the puzzle.  The latest oversight was only ordering one of two semi-necessary felt dust seals that cover up the outside of the output shaft bearings (front and back).  I think with the modern day bearings, I would have been fine without it, but since I have the darn thing apart...might as well set them in. 

The other major fauxpas was neglecting to address the seal wear on both of the front and rear output shaft yokes.  During the last 70 years, the yokes (attached to the drive shafts) would continously spin, thus the leather seals would wear a channel around the yoke shaft.  Now, if I were to install as is, the new seals would not sit tightly on the shafts and I would have a nice oil drip.  The jeep is going to drip oil no matter what, but my goal is at least to make it work at it and not give it a freebie canal to freely flow!  My solution is one of two options:  replace both yokes OR try something I have never done before.  I went for option two.  I am going to try installing a pair of Speedi-Sleeves (thanks to Adam at!)on both yokes.  I've heard success and failure stories.  Wonder which category I will fall into?  Do not worry. I have already started the sequal blog to the transfer case finale blog...I will detail it all for you later!

So, in order to get my $1.00 felt seal, I ordered $99.00 more in know, to make it "worthwhile" to have it shipped across the country!  As for the "now" while I am waiting for some parts to arrive...I cleaned up a smorgasbord of parts that revolve around the clutch and brake pedals.  Once I get the transmission/transfer case mounted on the frame, I will now be able to cruise right into installing the pedal system.  Fun!  I rummaged through my parts bin and found the stuff I triplicate, too!  So I went ahead and cleaned them all up, primed and then painted them today.  Now, when the time comes for jeep number two, I am already ahead of the curve.  The other fun part was that I salvaged a few really small parts off of jeep number three to use, too!  I love that.

I got frisky with the chassis, too.  I have a used gallon paint can leftover from the original good jeep's restoration.  The paint is probably 4 years old, I am guessing.  I opened it up and it had separated.  So, I stirred it, and stirrred, and stirred and stirred a bit more.  It looked decent and came back together so I decided to give it a go.  It seems to have worked, too.  I got the frame painted OD as well as my two grills (not sure which one I will use!) along with all of those pedals and such.  I am ready to go now as soon as that felt donut arrives!  The paint was OD 319 if anyone cares.
Mirror imaged?  No, just double the fun.

From LEFT to RIGHT:  OD Green metal stuff.  If you want to get technical, you've got a pair of brake and clutch pedal shafts, brake and clutch tubes, brake and clutch pedals, clutch shaft brace and a steering arm.
Blast from the past...chassis BEFORE cleanup.

BEFORE profile.

BEFORE rear.
Like Sarah says to me, "Way to knock the rust off of that, baby."
PRIMED front.

PRIMED side.

OD rear!

OD front!  I even straightend the frame horns out some.

OD side...well, kind of from the side.  I was too lazy to push it into the driveway.
 Hopefully by this time next weekend, I will have the transfer completed and installed on the chassis.  So that should give you all the incentive you need to make it through the next work week.

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