Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I've got a minor milestone here...its been ONE YEAR since my first blog about the restoration of MB 307786...let's do a pictorial review to see exactly how we got here!
The first day I set my eyes upon the maidens...

One year ago this beauty rolled into my garage.

Most everything is there, albeit quite dirty.

Yes, that is the air filter down below.

Driver's side cowl step.  One of just many areas that needed this kind of attention.

Passenger side

The solid rear panel was once made into a tailgate and then made back into a solid rear panel. 
It was butchered, so I removed the panel and reworked it for a better fit.

Better...but still A LOT left to do.

Tub off and resting comfortably upside down. 
It would remain in my driveway through the winter months while it was cleaned and repaired.

And with the tub removed, I could get down and dirtier with the chassis.

This is a postwar (possibly M38) engine.

The front end of the chassis has been cleaned.

More cleanliness.  Rear cross member needs to go...AWAY!

...and there it goes!

Leaf of four packs.

Rear axle- removing the old brakes.

Front axle- removing the king pin bearings and spindles.

Front axle cleaned, primed and painted OD.

The disassembled T84 transmission.  Now, where did I put that thingymajingy?

Have ye no faith?  T84 assembled.

Trying to bust a nut on the transfer case.  Yes, this set up did work, too.

New rear cross member in place.

Remember that nut I was busting?  She cleaned up nicely, eh?

Painting day.  First coat of OD.

I taketh apart, and have putteth it back together.

Adjust the tappets on the '42 GPW engine.

Flipping the '42.  Saying I was very nervous was an understatement on this day. 
I feared the crash and kaboom.

The '42 painted Ford grey.
Lots of mess:  good jeep left, chassis, right, tub upside down back left, and '42 engine center rear.

Settling in.

After the engine was in place, I rolled everything out for some sunshine the following morning.

The first start and we had 25lbs of oil pressure at idle.
Celebratory fist pump after we landed the tub.
Inspector General checking up on me.

Remember the second picture in this line-up?

This redone engine compartment looks SO MUCH better than on day 1.

Outer windshield and a lot of holes.

No denying that this IS a jeep.

Going through and working the electrical system one connection at a time.
Chairs and gas tank sitting in place; gas lines and bolt-on parts ready for the call. 
Perhaps this weekend?

Another shot of the interior taken today.
A lot has happened in one year.  These are just the high points and by no means attempts to show EVERYTHING involved.  All of the details are discussed in the previous blogs.  I have taken several hundred pictures along the way and it was a lot of fun to look back over them today.  It is also very gratifying seeing the "before" shots and remembering the amount of fun, sweat, aggravation, challenges, and determination that was involved to get it this far.  Oh, did I mention sweat?  Yes, I did?  Oh, well double that anyways.  It is quite hot here.  It has come a long way, but I'm not finished, yet!  This old veteran has given me quite the punch list to do before it can be considered close to finished.

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