Sunday, July 22, 2012

Landing the Tub

I couldn't stand myself.  Since I had the engine running this morning, there was no stopping me from positioning the tub back on the chassis.  Its been maybe six, seven or eight months since I removed it.  I justified doing it today in order to "free up all of that space" in the garage that a tub leaning on its side takes up in a garage.  Jack helped me remove the tub all those months ago, so it was only natural that I request his services this afternoon to help the old man , once again.  Besides, it got him out of having to take a nap.

Step 1:  Move things around the garage so I could roll the tub into position.
Step 2:  Lower tub tub so it sits on four jack stands behind the chassis.
Step 3  Rig up the straps so the crane can lift it.
Step 4:  Push chassis beneath suspended tub.
Step 5:  Push the chassis, lower the tub, push the chassis, lower the tub and do a lot of wiggling   down the steering column.

A few precautions I took before hand:  I had to remove the transmission shift lever, as well as the two transfer case levers, and I also place a rag at the top of the steering column in a vain effort to not have the tub scratch the column while it was lowered into its resting place. 

Primed and ready to go...almost.  I had the crane bar too far forward and the front end went up and the rear went down. 
We had to lower it, reposition more towards the center of the tub and then lift away.

Airborne!  So far, so good.

Coming in for the landing.  This is where the lower, push, lower, push wiggle game begins. 
Note the rag on the steering column.

A job well-done.  Yes, the salute is a bit backwards.  I think we do a lot of things backwards around here.  However, I am really pleased at how safely and efficiently Jack and I did this endeavor.
All in all, not too shabby for an idiot savant and his six-year old son!

As a follow-up to the engine startup.  I did find quite a few headbolts that were not tightened to the manual's specs.  Maybe there is a chance after all!

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