Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enough sideline sitting; Put me in Coach

Well, I've organized, labeled and packed away the gazillion take-off parts that came extra with this "Picker's Delight" (my neighbor came up with that catchy catch phrase the other morning).  Lots of boxes lining the wall of my garage, or what Jack and I refer to as our Motor Pool, that will now patiently await their turn to get cleaned up and bolted on.  Well, they will get bolted on if/when I remember that I have them when the time comes to use them.

So today, I finally got tired of patiently walking around the jeep studying it from every angle, similiar to how a football coach paces the sidelines watching, analyzing, applauding and occassionally cursing.  So, I did the only logical thing I could think of while trying to remain somewhat clean...and practical since both kids were napping and at any second could wake up and spoil my monkey wrenching time...I decided to take the driver's seat out so I could get a good look at the gas tank and sump tank. 

Well, fortunately, only one bolt was keeping the seat in, but that one bolt decided to be stubborn!  I squirted it with penetrating oil and grabbed my wrench.   The lip of the chair leg was bent and kept me from getting a good grip with the wrench (1/2" wrench for the Curious Georges).  So, I used a hammer to beat the lip down.  The only thing that moved was about a pound of dried-up mud from the underside of the jeep.  The floor of the garage looked like a giant had demolished an adobe village.  I got tired of the dust storm, so I quit hammering.  I tried to get the bottom of the screw with my vice grips from the underside, but that was a no-go.  Fine, bitch, I will drill you out.  I quickly grew bored with this procedure and went to look for my BFH...Big F-ing Hammer.  The BFH flattened the lip of the chair and then I slapped the socket wrench on it, used my pipe for leverage and DISCO, Bobo's dancing!  I'm not going to lie and tell you that the thought DID NOT cross my mind that this was going to be a sign of how stubborn this jeep is going to be.  Seriously, I had to work that hard for one lousy screw??   That's what she said!

Out comes the chair and then the two straps holding the tank in were easy-peasy.  I crawled under the jeep and just cut the old fuel line (that Bubba obviously installed some time ago) and then pulled the gas tank out.  There was so much dirt and leaves between the tank and sump well that I filled a plastic grocery bag to about 2/3 full.  Wow.

I took the tank out to the driveway and attacked it with my broom.  When the dust storm settled, I ended up finding a small pinhole in the bottom of the tank.  Although a bit disappointed, I wasn't surprised since seeing all that stuff it has been sitting in/on and who knows for how many years.  It should clean up fine and it can be repaired.  Pretty rusty inside, too!  It will look all that much better when done.

My thirst for dismantling nasty, rusty crud had yet to be quenched so I went after the passenger seat.  Penetrating oil and then wrenches flying and out comes the chair.  Now I can get a good look at the bad rust through spot. 

It might be because the other jeeps aren't here, but I am kind of jonesing to do the tub's bodywork right now.  There are plenty of spots to go after.  That's for sure, that's for dang sure!

And yes, when done, I put away my tools and swept up the the adobe village ruins.  I am quite confident that I will make more!

Chair out and tons of dirt.

After the clean up. 
I should have tossed the bag of dirt and leaves at the curb so it could pose as yard debris.

Rolling without the seats.

A pleasant view of the worse rust through area below the passenger seat.

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  1. Hey - can't get my fuel tank to budge. Removed the straps and its not coming out. Did some light prying with a bar, but it seems stuck! Any recommendations?